Tobias Teichmann, CEO and Owner of 4wheel24:

The best operating resource for traveling long distances in an all-terrain environment is a Diesel engine. For a company that builds expedition trucks or overlander (you name it), the Diesel Engine is heart and soul. At numerous desert rallies, we at 4wheel24 have gained intensive experience of what a vehicle can do in hard terrain and how it has to be built so it can withstand even the most adverse conditions.

Experiences that are enormously important today, in the conception as well as in the design of expedition trucks. Not to win rallies, but to spend a lot of time traveling. That’s why we at 4wheel24 take a holistic view of an expedition truck. Chassis, tires, auxiliary frames, and living cabins ought to be coordinated with each other, so that you can fully rely on your vehicle at any time.

This does not mean that we build everything ourselves, but it means that we assemble everything ourselves and make sure that the individual components are compatible. This sets us apart and makes us unique compared to other companies that distinctly focus on one of these areas, leaving others to their customers.

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who work together, hand in hand, to ensure that you receive a robust and above all reliable long-distance mobile. With 65+ employees in 4 different location, we make sure you can rely on one source.

We are proud that with Terra-exp we found a great team who is committed to bring our years and years of experience and dedication now to the US market.


Tobias Teichmann

Safe & Reliable

We consciously rely on used all-wheel drive truck chassis from Mercedes Benz without extravagant motor electronics.

Fast Delivery

We maintain a pool of 70+ Mercedes Benz all-wheel drive trucks which are constantly available.

Wolrdwide Support

Together with our European partners, we have all spare parts for Mercedes Benz trucks available and ready to ship worldwide within 5 business days.