Who is Terra-Exp?


Martin Krauss: President Terra-exp:

Martin Krauss: President

Terra-exp is in the business to improve the supply in the US for fine expedition vehicle, overlander, long haul traveling or all terrain exploring – you name it.

The focus of Terra-exp is to import Base Trucks, Auxiliary/Sub Frames and Box Cabins, as well as custom engineered products for long-distance travelling. The special designed products were developed over time through the requirements of off-road use in an expedition truck environment. The special needs of our customer guides us to develop and plan the cabin layout. Terra-exp supports you with installation equipment and material as well as furniture. We build-out your cabin and encourage you to be part of the build-out. Building an Expedition truck is a lot of customization.



Tobias Teichmann: CEO 4wheel2 4 Germany

Tobias Teichmann: CEO

The best operating resource for traveling long distances in an all-terrain environment is a Diesel engine. For a company that builds expedition trucks or overlander (you name it), the Diesel Engine is heart and soul. At numerous desert rallies, we at 4wheel24 have gained intensive experience of what a vehicle can do in hard terrain and how it has to be built so it can withstand even the most adverse conditions.

Experiences that are enormously important today, in the conception as well as in the design of expedition trucks. Not to win rallies, but to spend a lot of time traveling. That’s why we at 4wheel24 take a holistic view of an expedition truck. Chassis, tires, auxiliary frames, and living cabins ought to be coordinated with each other, so that you can fully rely on your vehicle at any time.

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who work together, hand in hand, to ensure that you receive a robust and above all reliable long-distance mobile. With meantime 80+ employees in 4 different location, we make sure you can rely on one source.


In Europe, Expedition Vehicles, Overlander, Long-Haul Traveling and All-Terrain Exploring became very popular in the past fifty years. In the late 70s, when Thierry Sabine initiated the first Rally “Paris-Dakkar” pictures on TV, people in Europe started exploring Africa. Africa’s breathtaking scenery, the culture and the simple beauty of the continent awoke the people desire to travel. It began with the motorcyclists who toured through Africa. I myself got to meet numerous people who travelled for weeks and months throughout Africa, living in tents whilst collecting adventurous memories. Listening to their stories of traveling was always a pleasure.

Later people started to convert delivery-vans and later trucks to have more comfort while exploring remote countries. At the same time the requirement for driving on different terrains as wells as the durability of an engine and carriage was important and became crucial for these delivery-van and trucks in order to survive. The RV industry, back then, didn’t offer anything alike. Therefore, people started to build their own vehicles. Self-sustainable, all-terrain, all-wheel drive, durable and robust were the keywords. A lot of those pioneers are building All-Terrain, Long-Haul Traveling Vehicle still today. In Europe, mostly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it became a small industry, meanwhile with years of experience.

Today people in Europe are travelling all over the world, they drive miles to Africa and Asia or ship their vehicles across the Ocean in order to sightsee the North and South America. These trips last usually several weeks, month, even years. Common tours are start in Europe and wander towards China and Mongolia to see the Great Wall. Trips going to Africa cross deserts, like the Sahara, which is one of the largest sand deserts on Earth. Travelers head towards Scandinavia to the polar circle. Due to the wide spectrum of terrain, the requirements for these vehicles are enormous not only they need to be self-sustained, all-terrain, all-wheel drive, durable and robust, these vehicles will also be used in very different climate conditions. The countless possibilities of exploring makes each trip unique and every vehicle distinct as it wanders over land to pursue the next adventure.

In 2009 the first Rally “Paris-Dakkar” was held in South America. So, more travelers from Europe get on an Atlantic Passage with their vehicles and explore North and South America.
Today it is recognized, that people in the USA and Canada are developing the same desire as those pioneers in the late 70ties and 80ties in Europe. Building special vehicles to explore the world by land.

Our intention is to support these people and their desire of exploring the world.


We consciously choose used all-wheel truck chassis from Mercedes Benz without extravagant motor electronics. The technology is comprehendible even for ambitious professionals. Furthermore, the vehicles can be maintained and repaired all over the world. The engines were build-in multiple trucks which were distributed throughout the world for commercial, military, or firetrucks use.

No matter where your adventure will take you, you will most likely find a mechanic who once worked on a Mercedes Benz truck. With an enormous distribution network, Mercedes Benz is capable of rapidly supporting facilities with spare parts in case this is necessary. We have close to every Mercedes Benz spare part ready and available to ship anywhere in the world within 5 days.

The Mercedes Benz trucks chosen as our Base Trucks are equipped with engines which can utilize heavy sulfate diesel. This lower-rated diesel fuel is still distributed in Africa and some parts of South America. A modern, electronically modified engine will have difficulties using this kind of fuel.

These firetrucks usually come with all-wheel-drive as well as differential locks at the back axle and between front and back axle. Some of the firetrucks have differential locks on the front axle as well. Whereas some all wheel drives are permanent, others can be switched between 2WD and 4WD
Firetrucks come with a longer axle ratio, compared to regular trucks, and in combination with the single wheels these trucks reach 105 to 120km/h (65 to 75mph), allowing highway travelling to be comfortable. At the same time they do have a gear reduction for heavy terrain. Firetrucks are meticulously maintained.

Another important advantage is these firetrucks usually come with less than 50,000km (30,000miles) and are meticulously maintained.
Nevertheless, on top of all these advantages, they are cheaper anyway!

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