Box Cabin MOX:

Fiber MOX: Our 4wheel24 Cabin comes insulated, with wall thickness between 55-80mm / 2.2”-3.2”. They are completly free of thermal bridges, once installed. With framed aluminum reinforcements at the outer edges, integrated metal panels for easy and safe furniture installment in walls and ceiling and a 45-degree slant at rear and front of the cabin is possible

Available in 16 and 18 feet, as well as customized length.

More details about our MOX cabin:

The Box Cabin is thermal insulated, meaning thermal transfer-free (thermal insulated) and has thermal transfer-free connection.

All the walls as well as the base board, where the integrated steel frame will be mounted onto the Auxiliary Steel Frame onto the Base-Truck, are thermal transfer-free. All Box-Cabin edges are circumferentially reinforced with aluminum angle profile. Plus, an additional aluminum endcap on each corner. These aluminum angle profiles are thermal transfer-free.

In the inside of the panels there are there are aluminum reinforcements for easier and safer furniture and equipment installation.

Windows have double pane insulation glass with ECE 43R approval. The insulation value on the standard glass panes are 2,9 W / m2 / K and are standard gray tinted. Suitable for heights up to 6000 m above sea level. The windows includes roller blinds with 100% black-out and fly screen protection, with brush seal and magnetic closure. The doors are built from laser-cut aluminum with welded corners. Doors have a stainless-steel handle and a certified locking cylinder for safe operation. All doors are standard equipped with a 3-point locking system. Hatches are available in many varieties and dimensions. Same locking system (key) than doors.

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We consciously rely on used all-wheel truck chassis from Mercedes Benz without extravagant motor electronics.

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