Our Base Trucks

Mercedes Benz all-wheel drive trucks are used as base-trucks of our choice. These trucks offer inline 6, V6 or V8 engines. Better known as NG-class, which stands for “Neue Generation” (new generation) and SK-class “Schwere Klasse” (heavy classification).
The engines placed in these trucks are known to accomplish 1,500,000 kilometer which is equivalent of close to 1,000,000 miles.

MB 2535 - OM442A engine - year 1990 - 16,000miles
MB1428AF - OM422 – engine - year 1990 - 20,000 miles
MB1429AF Doka - OM422 engine - year 1992
MB1634AF - OM441LA engine – year 1995

Why are we utilizing a “used” truck?

We consciously choose used all-wheel truck chassis from Mercedes Benz without extravagant motor electronics. The technology is comprehendible even for ambitious professionals. Furthermore, the vehicles can be maintained and repaired all over the world. The engines were build-in multiple trucks which were distributed throughout the world for commercial, military, or firetrucks use.

No matter where your adventure will take you, you will most likely find a mechanic who once worked on a Mercedes Benz truck. With an enormous distribution network, Mercedes Benz is capable of rapidly supporting facilities with spare parts in case this is necessary.

Together with our European partners we have most spare parts for Mercedes Benz trucks ready to ship within 5 business days.

Advantages of a classic Mercedes truck?

The Mercedes Benz trucks chosen as our Base Trucks are equipped with engines which can utilize heavy sulfate diesel. This lower-rated diesel fuel is still distributed in Africa and some parts of South America. A modern, electronically modified engine will have difficulties using this kind of fuel.

These firetrucks usually come with all-wheel-drive as well as differential locks at the back axle and between front and back axle. Some of the firetrucks have differential locks on the front axle as well. Whereas some all wheel drives are permanent, others can be switched between 2WD and 4WD.
Firetrucks come with a longer axle ratio, compared to regular trucks, and in combination with the single wheels these trucks reach top speed 105 to 120km/h (65 to 75mph), allowing highway travelling to be comfortable. At the same time they do have a gear reduction for heavy terrain.

Another important advantage is these firetrucks usually come with less than 50,000km (30,000miles) and are meticulously maintained.
Nevertheless, on top of all these advantages, they are cheaper anyway!

On a side note:
In large parts of Africa and Asia these V8 engines are most-wanted for water-pumps and generation-station, because of their reliability, low-maintenance and durability.

Engines used

The displacement of these engines’ ranges from 6l to 15l.
Mercedes calls their Diesel engines OM for Ölmotoren (Oil Engines). Here are models you likely find in a firetruck:

Engine OM366

Cylinder: Inline6
Displacement: 6l
Horsepower: 130hp
Torque: 400Nm/295ftlb

Engine OM366A, turbo

Cylinder: Inline6
Displacement: 6l
Horsepower: 200hp
Torque: 760Nm/415ftlb

Engine OM366LA, turbo with intercooler

Cylinder: Inline6
Displacement: 6l
Horsepower: 240hp
Torque: 840 Nm/620ftlb

Engine OM421, N/A

Cylinder: V6
Displacement: 10.9
Horsepower: 220hp
Torque: 800 Nm/590ftlb

Engine OM422, N/A

Cylinder: V8
Displacement: 14.6l
Horsepower: 280hp
Torque: 1,050Nm/775ftlb

Engine OM442, bi-turbo

Cylinder: V8
Displacement: 14.6l
Horsepower: 360hp
Torque: 1,600Nm/1180ftlb

Safe & Reliable

We consciously rely on used all-wheel truck chassis from Mercedes Benz without extravagant motor electronics.

Fast Delivery

We maintain a pool of more than 70 Mercedes Benz all-wheel drive trucks, which are constantly available.

Wolrdwide Support

All spare parts for Mercedes Benz trucks are available and ready to ship in 5 business days.