Expedition Trucks

In the past 10 years 4wheel24 built 150+ expedition trucks. Our focus is to supply base trucks with sub-frames and cabins, as well as custom engineered equipment and products for long-distance travelling. At numerous desert rallies, we at 4wheel24 have gained intensive experience of what a vehicle can do in hard terrain and how it has to be built so it can withstand even the most adverse conditions.
Experiences that are enormously important today, in the conception as well as in the design of expedition trucks. Not to win rallies, but to spend a lot of time traveling. That’s why we at 4wheel24 take a holistic view of an expedition truck. Chassis, tires, auxiliary frames, and living cabins ought to be coordinated with each other, so that you can fully rely on your vehicle at any time.

The special needs of each single customer guides us to develop and plan a personal cabin layout. 4wheel24 supports installation equipment and material as well as furniture. We completely build-out your cabin but encourage you to be part of the build-out. Building an expedition truck is a lot of customization and fun.

For building an expedition truck, 4wheel24 at Terra-exp is a one-stop shop!