Sub Frame

The cabin is attached to the intermediate frame.

Successfully proven during Rally-Sport the intermediate sub frame protects both the truck frame from the rigid case and vice versa. It absorbs the enormous torsional forces that inevitably occur when driving off-road.

Furthermore, the frame decouples the cabin from the vehicle chassis in the event of diagonal twisting. Depending on the weight class and the later requirements for the load capacity of the vehicle with cabin, we offer two variants of the connection between the chassis and the cabin.

In addition to these classic spring bearings, there are certainly other options for the construction of an intermediate frame such as diamond bearings or 3-point or 4-point bearings.

We have gained a lot of experience in recent years while traveling and exploring difficult terrains. The classic spring mounting can meet all requirements for durability and torsional flexibility.

The choice of structural steel is based on your intended use. It is important to choose the steel composition so that the hardness is not too high in order to avoid cracks under heavy loads.

The Auxiliary Frames are made according to the specification of Mercedes Benz and are in conformance with the German regulatory agencies TÜV and Dekra.