Mercedes Benz Unimog 435 – extended wheelbase:


OM352A (Turbo) Engine with 170hp. 5.7l displacement, inline 6 with an extended 370cm/146″ wheelbase!

Up for sale is a very unique Unimog 1300L with an OM352A turbo diesel engine. The OM352A turbo engines are equipped with a piston dome cooling, in order to compensate the additional load a turbo places on the engine. Unimog itself stands for „Universal-Motor-Gerät“, an allrounder when it comes to off-road activities and capabilities. The 435 Unimog is designed as an 8.5 metric tons truck, about 18,700lbs GVWR. Comparable to other Unimogs, it has a ladder frame, portal axles and coil springs allowing an axle-articulation of up to 30°. Quite impressive!

This Unimog 435 is built with the very rare extended 3,700mm/146” wheelbases, for larger habitats, up to 13.5’. The gearbox is a fully synchronized 8-speed manual gearbox, shift-able between forward and reverse (reversing gear), with lockable differentials. It uses hydraulic power steering and combined air powered – hydraulic brakes. Disk brakes on all wheels. The drive can be switched between two-wheel, all-wheel and all-wheel locked. The driver cabin has a hatch with three different positioning options. This Unimog is in a very good condition. Also already equipped with a 2x 3-point mount for a subframe, in order to install a cabin on top, once the fire service box is removed.

The 435 Unimog was sold to countless armies and fire services in various versions, all over the world. They are very reliable and one of the best, if not the best Off-Road trucks still available.

Below you can see a picture of an Unimog we converted to an expdition truck.